Sprinkler Advice and Watering Recommendations.

Posted on 05. Jun, 2020 by in Lawn Care

Watering is one of the most important components of lawn care and a great looking lawn can be made or broken with overzealous sprinkler fingers. How you water in the first half of the year will affect how your lawn will look in Fall.
You may water your lawn now and it look great but trust me it may be setting you up for lawn disaster in Fall.

Below are our recommended guidelines but if you want more specific recommendations please contact us.

  • Test your system by running a normal cycle with small cups placed throughout the lawn, you are trying to get 1″ to all areas (please keep in mind this may involve different times for different zones) Do this at least once a year.
  • Familiarize yourself with your zones, if possible split bed and lawn zones so they water separately.
  • Make note of any problem areas in zones that may need more or less water ie poor drainage, high shade, known fungal issues, emerging weed clusters.
  • Turn your sprinklers off (what???!!! I just let you run them once to do the cup test!)
  • Monitor your grass – run separate sprinkler zones as needed only when the grass looks dry.
  • If possible and especially if you travel convert to a Smart system which can be controlled remotely.

Tip :  I drew a very bad sketch of my lawn with the zones marked and put it up next to my sprinkler system. I also wrote times it took for me to get an inch in those areas and any issues. You could also do this on a copy of your survey if you want to avoid a terrible drawing like mine. I had a copy of my survey but wasn’t clever enough to think of that before I butchered the art of surveying in the name of fanatical, I mean good lawncare!



If you really want to twist my arm the following basic guidelines may apply but probably don’t so don’t get any big ideas! 🙂 (please keep reading below for more detailed information)

  • Daily High of 70-85 degrees    once per week
  • Daily High of 85-92 degrees    every 4-5 days
  • Daily high over 92 degrees      every 3-4 days

Zones with pop-up heads run 15-20 min/zone

Rotary zone run approx. 30-45 mins/zone

In both cases, you want to get about 1″ of water onto the lawn. Split the cycle in two with an hour or two in between if you get run off.

Water during the day when we have cooler weather (August through May although none may be required in Winter) and in the very early morning during the hottest months (May through August) – before sunrise is fine.

NOTE – if the grass looks drought stressed (wilting, loss of vibrancy or colour) within a day or two of a good rain or watering then let us know so we can check for potential problems. I don’t know your watering routines and schedules, so this is not something I can easily judge on any fertilization visit. As with all conditions and treatments, I need your feedback to deliver the best service possible.

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